Skill Up

Train you on fundamental sales concepts through strong academic and learning approaches.
Experts in Hospitality since 30 years


  • Understand new Sales and Marketing trends
  • Build its own Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Understand the different steps of prospection 
  • Identify and Qualify corporate companies, travel agencies and Tour operators to contract
  • Drop the OTAs average
  • Increase the direct bookings
  • Maximise the mix clientele


  • Analyse the hotel’s needs
  • Analyse the main markets segments
  • Implement a Sales Action Plan
  • Understand the main steps of negotiation 
  • Identify the different phases of negotiation
  • Study all approaches
  • Qualify companies and travel agencies
  • Create a Sales Phone Call Action Plan
  • Manage all objections
  • Learn how to do a site inspection
  • How to close a negotiation
  • Create a contract

3 Package

  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 3 days

A tailor made trainee according to your needs

Your package includes:

  • A data based of 500 qualified contacts around your hotel
  • A tailor made trainee in order to optimize this file


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